Worldwide Cloud-based e-Learning Services
for Global Human Resources Management
Specialized in Promoting Businesses with Japan

[ Why "BISCUE(R) LS" flat-rate libraries of e-learning? ]

HRD is essential for success in Japan

  • A large number of businesspeople are learning and being trained on BISCUE(R) LS
  • From intensive training to self-learning, the range of use has been diversified
  • In order to hire and retain competent people, and is effective for any business

Multi-lingual e-learning 2.8K+

  • 11 languages+ Categories, courses, and languages are being expanded
  • Business skills, human skills, foreign language courses, and more are available
  • Using BISCUE(R) LS, your GHRM will build a highly skilled workforce for marketing in Japan

Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PC

  • Busy businesspeople will be able to hone their skills anytime and anywhere
  • Bite-sized learning on smartphones continue seamlessly on PC and tablets
  • Modern people learn anything whenever and wherever they want on smartphones

Keep learners motivated

  • Zapping lessons as you want fits your busy lifestyle the best
  • Question Based Learning (QBL) recalls your memories repeatedly over time
  • A variety of motivational measures being used to support everyday learning

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