Privacy Policy

We practice the following in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law.

  1. Collection of individual information

    We collect our customers' individual information to provide them with BISCUE Business Content and relevant services.

  2. Use of individual information

    We don't use our customers' individual information for the purposes not declared at the time of collection nor provide them to the third parties without prior consent of our customers except for the following cases.

    • When required by the law or regulation.
    • When required for protecting our customers' life, security or fortunes.
    • In case required to improve public health care or healthy development of children.
    • In case required to cooperate with the works of the government, local governments and the like in accordance with the relevant laws or regulations.
  3. Management of individual information

    We manage and handle our customers' individual information in a fair manner according to the relevant laws and regulations and make the most to avoid any accidental or unintended leakage of such information to outside third parties.

  4. Contact us

    For any inquiries, please contact below.

    • Shubiki Corporation (Att: H. Yoshida)
    • Miyashita Building 1st & 2nd Floors, 10-1 Takadanobaba 2-Chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0075 Japan
    • tel. 81-3-3208-4276
    • fax. 81-3-3208-4288
    • E-mail:Inquiry Form

Yoshito Shubiki
President & CEO, Shubiki Corporation

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