Library with flat-fee system about e-learning 7 languages・Free design among 1,700 courses For tables and smartphones Large number of users・Ideal library for human resources and members services with a large variety of courses and a flat-fee system. Availability of e-learning at a quiet and comfortable usage.

Our #1 Service!

Corporate Plan

Various ASP/SaaS solutions are provided to meet the customers' requirements by using BISCUE e-Learning courses. Customizing services for both content and LMS are available as options.


BISCUE LS (LearningSpot)

Unlimited use of flat-rate libraries of e-learning


Corporate Annual Plan

Corporate Annual Plan for e-Learning

Corporate Annual Plan is recommended for corporate users planning a long-term human development.


Volume Discount

Volume Discount for e-Learning

Volume Discount Program is applied to the order of over 20 courses (IDs x courses).


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